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WAGS Recap: Oh, No They Didn't! Sophia and Olivia Pierson Get Into a Big Fight at Barbie Blank's Wedding

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WAGS 206


Here comes the bride!

Barbie Blank‘s fairytale wedding finally arrived on tonight’s episode of WAGS, and it was everything we expected it to be and much more!

“This is such a dream come true,” Barbie gushed. “Being a Mrs. is like winning the Stanley Cup for WAGS!”

But despite the joyous occasion, the picture-perfect weather and the breathtaking ceremony, the drama still found a way to follow the ladies—well, mostly Olivia Piersonto Mexico.

Let us to fill you in with the top five must-see moments:

WAGS 206


1. Autumn got ready for her close-up.

Autumn Ajirotutu tried to make the most out of not being invited to Barbie’s wedding by shooting a magazine photo spread with her husband, Seyi. But even with the distraction, she still couldn’t stop thinking about what was going on in Cabo with the other girls.

“It’s crazy we’re not in Mexico right now with everybody for Barbie’s wedding,” she said to her hubby. “I was supposedly not invited to the wedding because they were afraid of drama on her day. I hope somebody fights.” He then asked why she would wish that on someone on their special day. She responded, “I don’t wish that, but I just want to prove that it’s not me.”

WAGS 206


2. Olivia received an unpleasant surprise.

Olivia was so excited to attend Barbie’s wedding arm in arm with her man, Marcedes Lewis, but he ended up bursting her bubble and bailing on the event at the very last minute—so not cool. “I’m so angry, like what the hell is going on?” Olivia said. “I put myself out there. I was being vulnerable, and now you’ve shut me down. I don’t do this ever, and you’ve let me down. This is the ultimate burn, the ultimate diss.”

WAGS 206


3. Natalie caught Sophia talking to Marcedes.

While the girls relaxed in Mexico before Barbie’s wedding, Natalie Halcro was shocked to see Marcedes’ phone number pop up on Sophia Pierson‘s phone. Nat demanded her cousin explain herself immediately. “We were texting, and then I felt a little weird about it,” Sophia explained. “It kind of got more and more. It started to get a little bit, you know, flirty, but then Olivia said she was inviting him to the wedding. I just stopped answering his calls. I stopped texting him back. I told him this isn’t OK, and he’s still doing it.”

Natalie urged her to tell Olivia what’s going on ASAP, but Sophia was nervous to break her sister’s heart. “If she’s in a fantasy land with somebody that’s not genuine, then that’s the time to let her know!” Natalie said. But when Sophia continued to feel hesitant about it, Natalie laid down an ultimatum: If Sophia didn’t do it before the trip is over, she would.

WAGS 206


4. Barbie tied the knot.

After all the stressful planning, Barbie finally married the man of her dreams, retired NFL player Sheldon Souray, in a beautiful wedding by the beach. There was barely a dry eye as Barbie and Sheldon exchanged vows and rings in front of their friends and family. Even Natalie wasn’t immune to the sentimentality of the moment. “I wanted to hate weddings, I really did,” she said while reminiscing about the moment.

Meanwhile, Nicole Williams was completely overcome with wedding fever. But her overwhelming emotional reaction had the reverse effect on her man, Larry English. “Larry seeing me really in this moment has completely turned him off,” she said. “He’s being so distant. It’s very weird for him to be so standoffish with me.” But it wasn’t all bad. Despite the awkwardness between her and Larry, Nicole caught the bouquet at the reception, so we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds!

WAGS 206


5. Olivia and Sophia fought over Marcedes (again).

When Sophia still hadn’t told Olivia about her secret chats with Marcedes, Natalie decided Barbie’s reception was the right time to let her know. She grabbed Sophia from across the dance floor and forced her to come clean, which she ultimately did. “Marcedes has kind of been texting me and talking to me,” Sophia revealed to her sister, explaining, “He was opening up to me.” 

Olivia couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “I don’t give a f–k, Phia,” she angrily replied while Sophia attempted to defend herself. “Are you f–king kidding me?! You’re talking to him behind my back?!” While they continued to argue back and forth, Barbie started to notice the commotion—and she wasn’t happy about it. “Are you f–king kidding me?” she said “No, no! You don’t do that at somebody’s wedding!”

In the aftermath of the revelation, Olivia ultimately ended up storming out of the party early.

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