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Pro Skater Nyjah Huston — Lawbreaking Night Ragers On Hold … For At Least Two Years (VIDEO)

By admin / Published on Sunday, 07 Aug 2016 22:44 PM / No Comments / 77 views


Pro skater Nyjah Huston says the crazy all-night ragers that got him in trouble with the po-po WILL RETURN … in about 2 years … ’cause he’s shut them down based on a judge’s orders.

Nyjah was ordered to stop having his (epic-sounding) Orange County parties earlier this year … after being slapped with a litany of criminal charges surrounding the nocturnal disturbances he was causing (click here for the details).

The judge was super specific … telling Nyjah to shut it down between the hours of 8 PM and 8 AM, and when we got Nyjah out in L.A. recently he assured us … he’s obeying the long arm of the law.

“I’m on probation … maybe in a couple years.”

FYI — his probation is for 3 years … so 2019 GON’ BE LIT!!

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