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Nate Diaz — Bieber Called For Truce in Nightclub … 'I Don't Want No Problems!' (VIDEO)

By admin / Published on Thursday, 28 Jul 2016 01:22 AM / No Comments / 76 views


0727-nate-diaz-conan-tbs-01Nate Diaz just gave the blow-by-blow on how Justin Bieber put an END to their famous celebrity beef back in March — and the whole thing is pretty hilarious. 

Of course, the two had gone back and forth on social media after the McGregor fight — with Nate ultimately coming on the “TMZ Sports” show and saying, “F*** that fool.” 

As fate would have it, they came face-to-face in a Hollywood nightclub a few days later — but Bieber’s no dummy … he immediately tried to bury the hatchet before things popped off. 

You gotta hear Nate tell the story on “Conan” Tuesday night … not only did they bro-hug it out, but they’re boys now!

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