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Manute Bol's 7 Ft Son — Dominating Puny Humans … At 16 Years Old (VIDEO)

By admin / Published on Monday, 08 Aug 2016 17:57 PM / No Comments / 105 views


Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree … especially when that tree is FREAKIN’ GIANT …

TMZ Sports has exclusive video of Bol Bol — son of late NBA player Manute Bol — hooping against some high school competition at a recent high school hoops tournament … and it just ain’t fair.

Manute was one of the tallest players in league history at 7’7″ and his kid, Bol, is already 7 ft — AT 16 — which is why peeps we talked to at the tourney say the kid is a lock to be a future NBA lottery pick.

Check out the clip … and feel something for these poor, poor kids.

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