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Doctors Help Patient With ''Facial Abnormalities'' & Fix Woman's ''Painful'' Breasts on Heartwarming Botched By Nature Premiere

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Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 101


The doctors have hit the road!

On Wednesday’s series premiere of Botched By Nature, doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif traveled to Las Vegas and Merced, Calif. to visit two patient in need of medical attention.

The first patient they met was Sabrina, who was diagnosed at the age of 18 with ulcerative colitis, an immune disorder which caused her to lose a lot of weight and “deflated” her breasts. Sabrina had breast surgery, but she’s had a complication since the surgery which is causing her “pain” that she hopes the doctors can help her with.

So were the doctors able to help her?

Take a look at the recap to find out and to see what happened when the doctors met with Nate, who explains that he was born with a “handful of problems.”

1. Sabrina Lost “25-30” Pounds As a Result of Ulcerative Colitis:

Sabrina’s life was changed forever at the age of 18.

When the doctors visit Las Vegas to meet Sabrina, she tells them she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at the age of 18.

“Going through high school I was very active,” Sabrina explains in the clip above. “I was a cheerleader, I played volleyball and then I actually got really sick. I was in the bathroom 25-26 times a day, just couldn’t keep anything in.”

From then on Sabrina had to constantly watch what she eats because ulcerative colitis causes stomach pain, as well as headaches and dehydration.

“At that point I had lost so much weight and I was really devastated by losing all that weight because I lost all my boobs,” Sabrina admits. “I lost like 25-30 pounds throughout this whole experience.”

After losing the weight, Sabrina went for a consultation with a doctor to discuss having her breasts done. Sabrina ended up having the surgery, but after having implants put in they started to shift up.

Watch the doctors’ reaction to Sabrina’s story in the clip above!

Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 101


2. The Doctors Confirm Sabrina Has “Capsular Contracture”:

When the doctors examine Sabrina, they explain what’s happening with her breasts.

“You have capsular contracture with superior displacement where your implants have been moved up,” Dr. Dubrow tells Sabrina.

“Which is causing your pain,” Dr. Nassif explains.

Dr. Dubrow then tells Sabrina that that’s her “primary functional problem” whereas her “cosmetic issue” is that she has “a little bit of droopiness.”

“Sabrina has an immune system disorder ulcerative colitis, so we can’t just go in, remove scar tissue and put implants back,” Dr. Dubrow explains. “We have to be able to think of something new and creative to prevent this from happening again.”

He then says to Sabrina, “You have a classic problem in a very complicated setting, but we can do it.”

3. Why Doesn’t Nate Look Like His Twin Brother “At All”?:

The second patient the doctors meet on the premiere episode is Nate. The doctors travel to Merced, Calif. to sit down with Nate, who has a twin brother that he doesn’t look like “at all.”

On the way to meet with Nate and his family, Dr. Nassif tells Dr. Dubrow, “Nate has an identical twin brother, but he does not look like his identical twin brother. When they were in utero…I think it’s called twin-to-twin transfusion.”

He then tells Dr. Dubrow, “Usually you can do that and the other twin will usually die, remember that, but he survived, but he has all these problems. And he’s got a normal twin brother, doesn’t have these problems.”

Watch the clip above to see the doctors talk about Nate!

4. Nate Says He Was Born With a “Handful of Problems”:

When the doctors meet with patient Nate and his family, they all sit down and discuss his health.

Dr. Dubrow asks Nate’s mom Becky to, “Tell us what situations he was born with. What did you notice?”

Becky says, “The first thing that I noticed obviously was the facial abnormalities.”

Nate then explains, “I was born with a handful of problems. A cleft foot, a hole in my heart, my eyes were pretty far separated and basically looked like I had two noses.”

He continues, “To fix my deformities, I had 21 surgeries total. My surgeries have cost over $2 million.”

Nate has had three surgeries specifically on his face, but he hasn’t gotten the results he’s looking for. So now he’s hoping the doctors can help him get the results he wants.

Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 101


5. Nate Just Wants to Look Like “Everyone Else”:

After talking to Nate and his family, the doctors examine him and tell him what they can do to help him.

“Lift up the corner of the eyes, add volume, take care of your neck, soften your cheek area, do your nose…what do you think of that?” Dr. Nassif asks.

“I am 100 percent on board with the surgery,” Nate responds.

He continues, “I’m not asking for the perfect nose, I’m just asking to look like everyone else.”

Terry Dubrow, Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 101


6. Dr. Dubrow Feels “Really Safe” Putting Breast Implants Back in Sabrina’s Chest:

When Dr. Dubrow is operating on Sabrina, he realizes she doesn’t have much scar tissue in her breasts.

“Sabrina doesn’t have very much scar tissue, so I feel really safe in putting breast implants back in her chest,” Dr. Dubrow explains.

He continues, “I’m going to give Sabrina D-cup size breasts, which will really help me because she has a tuberous breast deformity where the base is very narrow and the larger I go the more she can have round, expanding breasts, which is really what she wants.”

Dr. Dubrow also does a “little lift” to help Sabrina with her “droopiness.”

Paul Nassif, Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 101


7. Dr. Nassif Says He Put Nate “Through the Ringer” During Surgery:

Nate’s surgery lasted over eight hours and Dr. Nassif admits he put Nate “through the ringer.”

“I put Nate through the ringer yesterday, we were in surgery for over eight hours,” Dr. Nassif says. “I worked on his chest, his neck, his face, his nose, the eye area, everything. So I hope he’s in good spirits.”

A day after surgery Dr. Nassif takes off Nate’s bandages and is very pleased with the results. In addition to taking off the bandages he explains to Nate that they were able to reconstruct his nose, which will help with his breathing.

“Do you think you were able to achieve everything you were wanting to with my face?” Nate asks.

“I’m gonna say…absolutely,” Dr. Nassif tells him.

“Awesome,” Nate replies.

Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 101


8. Sabrina Reveals Breast Surgery Has “Improved” Her Life:

Eight weeks after having the surgery on her breasts, Sabrina meets up with her friends to show them the results.

“Having the surgery has improved my life physically because I’m able to anything I want,” Sabrina explains. “Because of not having to worry about my implants, that’s one stresser that I don’t have that could possibly trigger my ulcerative colitis.”

When she meets up with her friends they’re so happy for her and tell her she looks “amazing.”

Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 101


9. Nate Says “I Look Normal Now” Which Is What He “Wanted From the Beginning”:

“It’s been a long journey over 25 years going through 23 different surgeries, I was never really comfortable with myself, it was pretty difficult looking in the mirror,” Nate reveals. “I look normal now, which is what I wanted from the beginning. I never asked for perfect I just asked for normal.”

Take a look at the pictures above to see Nate’s before and after results!

Catch the season premiere of Botched by Nature August 9 at 9e|6p!

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